Sales software campaigns

GetAccept is a company providing a platform known as a Digital Sales Room, where sellers and buyers can meet, share documents and contracts, communicate and sign the deal. Paid Social is an important channel where a large part of new customers first hear about the company. When a new ad or campaign is being created I typically work together with our copywriter to generate ideas, after which I am responsible for design and production.

  • CompanyGetAccept
  • PlatformsLinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram
Video reviews straight from demo calls

Customer reviews are valuable, and what could be more transparent than allowing the audience to peek into demo meetings and see for themselves what current customers have to say about the product?

Short, effortless videos with high impact

Real people work great in social media ads. So we created a few different ads packaged as a concept featuring a single person either talking to the camera or allowing us to hear their thoughts. What is said alludes to the recognition of common pain points experienced working in sales. Here are two of them!