Sport equipment launch

Yosemite is a sub brand of Biltema which launches products for exercise, recreation and outdoor activities. Our task was to create images, a webpage and a printed brochure showing the 2020 collection of Yosemite’s workout wear reflecting the visual identity of the sub brand.

These images were taken in two separate settings in the north-west part of Skåne, one indoors and one outdoors. On set, I assisted the Director of Photography as well as contributed with my own photography. Next, I was responsible for the post-production of the images and for designing and setting up the webpage.

  • CompanyBiltema
  • Print designRichard Huldén
  • Director of photographyGöran Örtegren

The brief was to create a webpage showing the product range in an appealing way and also to publish a section of inspirational and informative articles on the subject while displaying products from the collection.


The brief was to design a brochure displaying all the products in the collection including workout accessories like water bottles, yoga mats and kettle bells. The images should be displayed with the products to put them in context.